Tenant Representation

Strategic Planning  ·  Site Identification  ·  Market Analysis  ·  Financial Evaluation  ·  Lease Negotiation

  • Size: 3,400-4,000 SF with patio, endcap or freestanding conversion
  • Looking in: Monroeville, Robinson, Cranberry, Ross and South Hills, Erie, Greensburg, Washington
  • Contact: Michelle Parolini
  • Size: 2,500-2,700 SF with patio, endcap or freestanding
  • Looking in: South Hills, Downtown, Oakland, Robinson
  • Contact: Michelle Parolini
  • Size: 6,000-6,500 SF
  • Looking in: Greensburg, Homestead/Century III, Cranberry, Monroeville, Robinson, South Hills
  • Contact: Michelle Parolini
  • Size: 2,200-2,400 SF with patio, endcap preferred
  • Looking in: Robinson, McKnight, Cranberry, West Mifflin, East Liberty, Monroeville
  • Contact: Michelle Parolini